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Frequently Asked Questions
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+ Are the Followers Real?


All of our followers are real, with profiles, biography and a tweet history. Please don’t be dissapointed if they don’t interact with you – they will only do so if you tweet them or if you post something that is particularly interesting to them.

If you are looking for a twitter follower base that is relevant to you personally, you need to target your followers by location, interests and keywords; this forms part of our targeted soloution, which you can find by clicking here.

We deliver only real followers, buy we caveat this by saying that not all of the users are active. Some of them just follow and like images but rarely post or comment. We do have some followers who have only posted their first pictures and not any more after that. We promise they are real, have followers and likes of their own and will like your images (if they “like” them!).


+ What do the Followers Look Like?


The best way to show you is to take a look at our follower base! We are @Followersboost – say hello!

We only accept users who have Bio’s (that’s the description of their account) and profile pictures. Here are a few images of users that have recently joined our service. Click the images to see the large picture.
All of our followers have at the very least, a profile picture and a BIO.
A sample of the quality followers we deliver every day at
Complete Profiles on all accounts at


+Do I need to Follow or Like Anyone?


Only with our Targeted twitter follower package, with all the others there is no need to follow of like

Twitter Followers with no following required - click here

Targeted Twitter Followers with Following required - click here

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube:
No, never. We do all the work with just your username which is all we will ever ask from you.


+Can I receive a free sample?

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube:
We do offer free trials from time to time, if this is something that you are interested in please get in touch today and we will be happy to accommodate.



+ How long does it take for my order to be completed?

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube:
When you order your product we give an estimated delivery time. For the most up to date estimated delivery times, please check out our Status page by clicking here.



+ Will anyone know I’ve used this service?

No, Never. The followers are all active with profile pictures and regularly like and comment on other’s work. At Buy-Instagram we delete your userdetails as soon as the order is completed, so you account will never be compromised.


+Is my Social Media Account Safe?


Twitter was the first service we launched support for, to date we have received no complaints regarding account security or any loss or damage to a Twitter account. Your profile security is our number one priority – it will always be this way with

Absolutely, we find the followers using methods and techniques that are fully acceptable under the Instagram terms of Service. Whilst we are not part of or we strive to ensure that we add value to the network, and always keep our clients information confidential.


+ Do you need my Password?

With our Targeted Twitter Followers pacakage we do – with all other packages we do not!


+ Is it a one-off or an on-going fee?


For our Followers (Targeted and non Targeted) and Retweets there is just the one off fee that is displayed when add the product to your basket.

The daily engagement package is billed monthly in advance, you can cancel, or request a refund at any time.

For our Followers, Our Likes and Our Comments it is the one off fee that is displayed when add the product to your basket.
The daily engagement package is billed monthly in advance, you can cancel, or request a refund at any time.



+ What Payment methods are available?

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards, plus Paypal.


+What are the conditions of the Money Back Guarantee?

We will refund you in full within 24 hours of your order starting if you are not satisfied in any way, we encourage you to try us out with the security of a money back promise.


+How does it work?

Click here for details!



+How can I contact

You can contact us by email, live chat, our contact form, Twitter or Facebook! The contact details are on this page.


I request a custom package, such as a particular number
+ of followers, likes or comments?

Certainly, we can accommodate the very large and the very small businesses and individuals. Whatever your requirement, get in touch with us and we will create a package that is just perfect for you.

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