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Exactly what was promised

I act on behalf of a Celebrity client who has appeared on a number of reality TV shows, to say that having a greater Twitter presence has aided my clients ability to secure future positions is an understatement, this is vital in my industry – and FollowersBoosts.com do it better than anyone.
Hidden by request
Celebrity Agent

Brilliant for Customer Service

Working in customer services for a small agency, it’s remarkable how much traction we have with the customers when we have a higher follower base. They see our followers and our interactions and trust us so much more. The service went well above our expectations and I’m happy to recommend the service to any agency I know.
Sarah Knapton
Customer Services – Yodel Inc

Great for Professionals

As an aspiring photographer ‘off’ Instagram I know the importance of keeping my social profile stocked and performing well. I have received so many new clients through Instagram referrals I am surprised there are not more people taking up the daily follower option. It’s perfect.
Catherine Bendal
Photographer – New York

What Great Value!

I needed to target UK based Instagram Followers and the team took care of it! Located in London, it’s important to me appeal to local people with my pictures. What a result!
James McTeague
Laundrymat Owner, London

Pleasantly Surprised

When I placed my order I had low expectations, having experimented with other providers in the past. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the service I received from Steve and the team. Based out of Sao Paulo, I needed a way to get genuine followers to my account that made me stand out from the crowd, with their services.Read More…
Alberto Da Silva
Entrepreneur, Sao Paulo

Brilliant Deal

I couldn’t ask for a better deal offering targeted solutions for getting more Instagram Followers. I know the importance of having a large following on Instagram and I’ve not got exactly what I need! Thanks for everything!
Donald Grover
Entertainer, Birmingham

Better than the rest

Before using Buy-Instagram.com we used a variety of other suppliers – to say that we are impressed in the difference in quality is an understatement – these are the real deal, better than the rest!
Christine Thompson
Marketing Manager, Tesco

Fixed all our Problems!

We had huge problems with our clients Instagram account after using other service providers. With a bit of contact from Jazz in customer services we got everything sorted in no time. Huge thank you.
Client Name hidden
Music Company Executive

It’s all about the price

It’s simple – We pay $140 to you guys for what was costing us $3,000 elsewhere. Great service, great prices.
Tony Delhalam
Real Feedback from our Customers

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posted:July 10, 2013


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