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We’ve been featured on PCworld.com!

We’ve been featured on PCworld.com!

Our owner, known as “James Clegg” (or Steve to you and I) completed an in depth interview with Christopher Null, the technology editor of PCWorld.

Steve ran with the interview as a form of advertising for the site – that is still not yet finished. We all thank PCWorld for giving us the opportunity to reach so many tech enthusiasts and for being open and honest with the feedback.

The full interview can be found here: How One Man Turns Fake Followers into Windfall Profits

Our favorite part is probably the conclusion:

Explaining his position, he says, “On a personal level I find it difficult to justify, but it goes a little something like this: If I were selling a product that nobody wanted, then I wouldn’t make any money, so I pass the moral-judgment decision to the consumer. Additionally, I always offer a money-back guarantee and advice on how to remove the followers. It’s the easiest way to clear the conscience.”

The only problem we as a company have with the article is that it doesn’t address the real followers that we also offer on twitter.  With our targeted range we can identify the type of followers that you want to follow you and try our best to get them to follow you.

  You can find out more here: Targeted Twitter Followers.

We know that promoting or even mentioning a company like ours isn’t ‘big business’ so we’ll take anything we can get.  Fortunatley the article has been picked up by MacWorld and a few other small sources too, so we’ve done alright from it!

XYZ is now following you on Twitter!

Another picture featured on PCWorld.com – an inbox full of twitter followers!

We have plenty more articles planned and we will be sure to keep you updated!



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posted:July 23, 2013
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